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Our Work

Gidarjil Development Corporation has a very wide scope of work. We deliver to community throughout Queensland on various aspects of work. Our primary aim of work is to continue growth of Native tasks. Some of the work Gidarjil is involved in is showcased below. 


Central Queensland Language Centre

What we have going on;

  • NAIDOC activities. 

  • Our trip to Darwin for Puliima 2023. 

  • Place Names Project with Dept of Resources. 

  • We have acquired 2 new languages, so we will be working on reviving those languages through research. That usually requires workshopping with the Groups involved, Consulting with the Language groups,  a trip to the National and State Libraries and the State Archives

  • We work with Linguists from local area and Universities. 

  • Developing the Adult Learning Course in Aboriginal Languages with Yalga-binbi Institute for Community Development Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation RTO 31116. 

  • Cap Cays project with the Byelle group of Gladstone, we have a workshop next week that we are hosting in Gladstone

  • 50 words project with Nyingarn 

  • Adding to Miromaa (language database)

  • Weekly language lessons with Tannum Sands High School. Year 8.

  • Working on doing local Bundaberg schools soon. (Taribelang language)

  • 1770 Cultural Festival preparation. 


Nyamgim Gung (Gidarjil looking at Water Lab)

Gidarjil water quality laboratory will be aiming to start business in testing marine water but not limited to fresh water, water used by farmers and businesses.

Water quality lab in QLD is limited. And the level of high-profile equipment we are working with are very rare in Australia. It is obvious that Gidarjil water quality lab will be one of kind and state of art water quality lab with global accreditations, which will allow our reports to be accepted all over the world and to all stages of governance.


Gidarjil Gladstone


· Assist Traditional Owners with ‘Welcome to Country’ and Smoking ceremonies

· Assist in QPWS projects i.e. Campground & Parks maintenance

· North West Island Bird monitoring project – focusing on Black Noddies and Wedgetail Shearwaters

· Marine debris collection and reporting within the Gladstone & Surrounds Tangaroa Blue Foundation

· Capricornia Cays – Drills and Compliance 

· Participate in Traditional Bicultural workshops

· Assist in CQU mud-crab & fish surveys

· FFS projects – SANTOS Weed control i.e. spraying, mowing, poisoning of weeds & plants in the ISBL & OSBL areas

· Curtis Island track maintenance, Feral animal control

· Boat Days – Vessel Guardian Warrior, Compliance & Water monitoring

· GRC Fire burns within the Gladstone & surrounds

· Turtle monitoring at Mon Repos

· Alpha Landscaping Project


Female Rangers – Under CQU Staff Supervision

· General administration duties including filing, data entry and word processing

· Educating the community on natural and cultural values particularly the younger and wider community

· Undertake water quality assessment and reporting to deliver outcomes in natural resource management

· Undertake in-situ water testing and taking samples for Laboratory testing

· Review and analyse water testing results and information to contribute specialist water quality management

· Conduct basic laboratory analysis on seed samples, clean and sterilize

· Assist with basic local field work, seagrass flower and core of soil collections & sediment sampling

· Prepare technical reports on water quality management

· Undertake formal training


Hospitality (Gidji Cafe & Milbi Cafe)

Gidji Cafe and Milbi Cafe: Gidarjil is also committed in delivering through hospitality in Burnett Heads and Monrepos. We operate two cafe and catering co. in this region. 

Gidji Cafe is located at 2 marina drive, Burnett Heads 4670. While Milbi cafe is located in turtle centre in Monrepos 4670. 


Gidarjil Employment and Training.

Gidarjil Employment and Training:  Gidarjil is proud finalist for Queensland Training and Employement Awards 2023. 

It has been 5th time Gidarjil Development Corporation is Finalist for Queensland Training Awards. That show commitment and consistence by our team and community. 

RTO no.png

Yalga-binbi Institute for Community Development Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation 

Team YBI:  Yalga-binbi Institute for Community development Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation RTO: 31116 is an established registered training organisation based at the 2 Marina Drive, Burnett Heads 4670 at the Port of Bundaberg. Yalga-binbi aims to provide skills and knowledge primarily for Indigenous people both in the Central Queensland and Wide Bay regions and, throughout Queensland where required.

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