Caring for country -To enable Indigenous people (including Elders, Traditional Owners, men, women, and young people) to undertake environmental work in the country that meets their aspirations for keeping their country healthy and for protecting their heritage.

Caring for Country

Protect Riparian Rainforest
Protection of the riparian rainforest in Granite Creek - especially the eradication of the noxious weed cat’s claw creeper using chemical control and fencing.
Weed Management
Chemical control of other noxious weeds, including rat’s tail grass and lantana.
Looking after Bulburin Nut
Participation in the recovery program for the endangered Bulburin nut (Macadamia jansenii) in collaboration with the Macadamia Conservation Trust and QPWS.
MOU Negotiation
Participation in the development of the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and TUMRA with Queensland DERM.
Traditional Knowledge Database
Setting up a traditional knowledge database, including recording and interviewing elders.
Turtle Conservation
Participating in the marine turtle conservation program at Mon Repos with EPA, including nest monitoring and data collection, tagging, nest relocation, and habitat management.
Feral Management
Undertaking pig-trapping in the Granite Creek sub-catchment and on Curtis Island in conjunction with QPWS.
Monitor Coral Reefs
Participation in boat patrols, marine animal strandings, and monitoring of coral ecosystems with QPWS.
Celebrate Our Country
Hosting/participating in community events and workshops e.g. National Tree Planting Day, Gidarjil Festival, workshops with QPWS & Landcare, Traditional Languages
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