The Central Queensland Language Centre

Central Queensland Language Centre

The Central Queensland Language Centre supports local indigenous language communities with the revitalisation and maintenance of their languages, through a range of language programs.

These include:
  • Resource development
  • Language acquisition
  • Language worker training 
  • Workshop delivery 
  • Community learning

Latest Events & Training News

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 Our Goals 

  • Empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to revive and maintain their languages.
  • Support the revival and maintenance of Indigenous languages.

  • Increase the number of proficient speakers of Indigenous languages.

  • Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ engagement with their languages.

  • Support the preservation of Indigenous languages and language material.

  • Promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ wellbeing by strengthening pride in identity and culture through languages.

  • Support skill development and best practice methods among people involved in the revival and maintenance of Indigenous languages.

  • Increase the use of Indigenous languages in a range of fields and media.

  • Promote public appreciation of Indigenous languages.To support and maintain cultural practices and traditions by linking them to a local Indigenous language.

  • To coordinate the delivery of local language programs within the Central Queensland indigenous communities.

Aims & Objectives

    • Coordinate language activity/projects across Central QLD aimed at reviving and/or maintaining the languages.

    • Support community to revive their Indigenous languages.

    • Develop programs/workshops to assist communities revive their language.

    • Create and distribute learning resources.

    • Establish a language reference group/language work team.

    • Deliver training to communities focusing on language revival, teaching and documentation.

    • Document Indigenous languages and the status of these languages.

    • Collate existing language material into a database appropriate for Language revival.

    • Research the status of each language.

    • Create resources to help document and maintain each language.

    • Promote language acquisition.

    • Establish language immersion nest/camps.

    • Develop education tool kit and teaching program.

    • Attend and promote language at community events.

    • Research and development of language materials.

    • Research the different resources available and producing resources appropriate to community needs.

    • Create and distribute language resources for each language/community.

    • Increase public appreciation and support awareness of Indigenous languages.

    • Attend community cultural event and positively promote languages.

    • Support partnership between Traditional owners and business, schools and government for the purpose of using language in the wider community.

    • Establish Community Language Teams in communities throughout the Central region of QLD to assist with the running of any local/regional language activities/projects.

    • Develop language plan for individual targeted languages.

Marrin Gamu

ABC Splash collaborate with First Languages Australia annually to run a national language song competition. The Central Queensland Language Centre provide the language words to schools around the Central Queensland Region and assist with the recording of the videos.

Welcome To Country

The Central Queensland Language Centre have been working hard to provide a Welcome to Country for each of our language groups in their language.

Byellee Welcome to Country
Gooreng Gooreng Welcome to Country
Gurang Welcome to Country
Taribelang Welcome to Country
Wakka Wakka Welcome to Country

For more information contact the Language Centre:
Phone: 07 4130 7710  


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