The Central Queensland Language Centre

Central Queensland Language Centre

The Central Queensland Language Centre supports local indigenous language communities with the revitalisation and maintenance of their languages, through a range of language programs.

These include:
  • Resource development
  • Language acquisition
  • Language worker training 
  • Workshop delivery 
  • Community learning

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 Our Goals 

  • empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to revive and maintain their languages
  • support the revival and maintenance of Indigenous languages

  • increase the number of proficient speakers of Indigenous languages

  • support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ engagement with their languages

  • support the preservation of Indigenous languages and language material

  • promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ wellbeing by strengthening pride in identity and culture through languages

  • support skill development and best practice methods among people involved in the revival and maintenance of Indigenous languages

  • increase the use of Indigenous languages in a range of fields and media

  • promote public appreciation of Indigenous languages.To support and maintain cultural practices and traditions by linking them to a local Indigenous language

  • To coordinate the delivery of local language programs within the Central Queensland indigenous communities

Aims & Objectives

    • Coordinate language activity/projects across the Central region of QLD aimed at reviving and/or maintaining the above languages.

    • Support community to revive their Indigenous languages

    • Develop programs/workshops to assist communities revive their language;

    • Create and distribute resources;

    • Establish a language reference group/language work team;

    • Deliver training to communities focussing on language revival, teaching and documentation; and

    • Establish language immersion nest and camps in communities.

    • Document Indigenous languages and the status of these languages

    • Collate existing language material into a database appropriate for Language revival;

    • Research the status of each language; and

    • Create resources to help document and maintain each language.

    • Promote language acquisition

    • Establish language immersion nest/camps;

    • Develop education tool kit and teaching program; and

    • Attend and promote language at community events/

    • Research and development of language materials

    • Research the different resources available and producing resources appropriate to community needs; and

    • Create and distribute language resources for each language/community.

    • Increase public appreciation and support awareness of Indigenous languages

    • Attend community cultural event and positively promote languages; and

    • Support partnership between Traditional owners and business, schools and government for the purpose of using language in the wider community.

    • Establish Community Language Teams in communities throughout the Central region of QLD to assist with the running of any local/regional language activities/projects.

    • Develop language plan for individual targeted languages

For more information contact the Language Centre:
Phone: 07 4130 7700  


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