Gidji Art

Gidarjil Development Corporation auspices the Central Queensland Indigenous Arts Development Project.

This project supports the talented indigenous artists of the Central Queensland and Wide Bay regions. Support comes in many forms: The Arts Development Officer, based in the Gidarjil office, develops funding applications, organises exhibitions and shares information helpful to artists, while keeping a good eye on the art market so that indigenous artists are provided with reliable and helpful information.

Gidji Art Shop

The Arts Development Officer also oversees the Gidji Art Shop in Bundaberg.
This not-for-profit enterprise showcases Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art from around Australia and has been an important gallery space and retail outlet for local artists wanting to promote and sell their work.

The Gidji Art Shop has run as a training facility for indigenous trainees undertaking Certificate 11 and 111 in Retail.
The shop was previously located  in the Hinkler Central shopping centre, Maryborough Street, Bundaberg.
In early 2013 (after the Bundaberg floods) the Shop moved to the Tom Quinn Community Centre gardens.
From January 2014 Gidji Art is looking for a new permanent home. 
Paintings and Aboriginal artefacts can be bought from the Gidarjil Office, 53 Walker (cnr McIlwraith street)
Please phone ahead to ensure we are open: 07 4130 7700

Indigenous Artists: Get your artwork promoted

If you are an Indigenous artist and would like to join our database of indigenous artists, or would like to have your work promoted and sold in the Gidji Art Shop, call the Arts Development Officer at the Gidarjil Office on 07 41307700 or email
And for art lovers looking for a memorable piece of local indigenous art, drop into the Gidji Art Shop and say hello to our friendly trainees or contact the Arts Development Officer.

Copyright on all images of paintings is protected by international copyright law and remains with the Artists at all times

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