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Beautifying Bargara
Posted in: Uncategorized | Posted on: August 1 2012
Nicole Wone, winner of the 2017 Bundaberg and District NAIDOC Artist of the year is currently working on a collaborative project to create public artworks in Bargara. While the project is partially funded by the RADF program the full amount required to ensure Nicole and the other artists Jeremy and Paul are compensated adequately we have put it out to the public to help. Similar to  the American practice of tipping in a restaurant... if you like the service, the food and enjoy your experience you pay a tip and that's how the wait staff earn their wages....crowdfunding in this instance is kind of like that particularly.  If you enjoy looking at the works in progress maybe you feel inclined to donate to the campaign.... check it our for yourself here or when you driving down the esplanade in Bargara take the time to have look at the sensational work these local artists are making for public enjoyment. 

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Gidji Art Public Art

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